I Am Playr (Online FB Game) Review


IamPlayr the it a Social Network Game (FB) people who love soccer can play and enjoy this gave, and another main this gave is not not a adobe flash game. it’s not working with adobe flash player, we want install Unity player (Unity Gaming Engine). this games specialty is the game developers promoting sport items and you tube channels,  especially NIKE is the main product they prompting at the moment with NIKE Come times before COPA90 YouTube channel promoted.

Click here to Read more about Unity Player

Click here to Read more about Unity Game Engine

When you starting to play this game it shows some nice video like you are signing in a club name call River Park FC, to play each and every Matched we wanted to gain the match fitness to gain that we want to participate in trainings and special training.  before thr match begins and half time after time match the club manager comes to talk to the team. once we loose he normally shouts also the developed the game you to feel like you are a playr.   once you sign you can stay in the club apartment, we ever you wining matches and scoring goals you get cash and coins with coins we can buy boosts and energy pack. if we have energy only can join in the training section, if not every 10 to 15 min it rise  one bye one. if you more interested you can buy some coins with you credit card so with that you can buy more match energy and boost . we ever we getting a new boost it have good shoots, passing, tripling. the boost also depending the price you buy from you card.


This game Designed  to Mouse Control, with that  we can aim and cure power up the shot.


Club Manager Talking to a player in the half time inside changing room.


this the way you getting the match updates where ever you are playing you get the visuals on it


Points table


This a place name called shop there you can buy boost properties dealership even watches too.






Once  your energy goes down you can By energy pack for that red bull promoting there products. and interesting thing in this game you a nice girl friends, and hangout with other club players, once you partying with people you loosing match fitness.  this is the first game i ever seen like a real footballer, when you playing you feel like that .

If you intrested just out and see : ImPlayr Site or you can add like app in your fb account.

One Bad thing in the game at last developers gave  a Gillette Sport Science Center Update you can sign for your fitness upgrades this topic and wont function for some country people. most of them complains about this bug i got a reply they working with this error.   i love to play this game. 🙂


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