Windows 8 Review


Windows 8, Microsoft tried to implement on Desktop PC, Laptop, Windows Mobile and newly  Released Surface (Touch pad+Laptop). Most of them are waited for this excitement. Finally it’s Released on    October 26, 2012; 3 months ago, we get support and and updates till Mainstream support: Until January 9, 2018, Extended support: Until January 10, 2023.

now lets take look at picture which i uploaded in the top it looks something new, when you compare to your clock and your friends windows 8 PC both same normally windows 8 clock functions all sync with internet that’s cool we can arrange appointment and more time wont miss with that function.

Language support  C++, C++/CX, C#, Visual Basic, .Net, HTML 5, Java Script

Windows Store- this is a new function where you can download app for your windows 8 from Microsoft and if you are willing to develop a useful app and game you can sell it or give has free download to get popular. for this you get’s the regular updates also, (angry bird Game also available) 🙂 .

User Login- it’s new login system that’s cool thing we can put a picture lock  you can choose the place where ever you touch the screen with your pic it’s unlocks. (this function works with surface and tablets) with that 4 digit normal text lock also available, Person who using windows mobile makes more easier with this function both seems same.

Microsoft Account integrated- you can sync with your Xbox live, Xbox music, Xbox Videos, even Sky Drive too. you can keep your Hotmail or live account has a password in the lock screen once you typing the Hotmail or live password you can unlock the PC this is additional feature. you can receive your Hotmail in live mails in your start menu it self you don’t need to install outlook so some other apps.

Multi monitor support- now windows made very easy and fastest way to connect.

Internet Explorer 10- this the new Microsoft browser it compare to earlier bit better and fast i m not sure about the security because i m not a IE lover :).

File Explorer- got ribbon browser is cool and looking nice, iso, img, Nrg file mounting facilities in built. here after we don’t need to go for a third party mounting apps.

Family Safe Function-Family Safety will no longer be separate install via Windows Live; it will allow Administrators to monitor and restrict user activity via web filtering, application restriction, and computer usage time limits

Now days most of them upgrading the PC’s to windows 7 to Windows 8 Because of the good speed, windows 8 normally most of the functions are running with processor not with ram cards, when we switching it on personally i realized it very very fast start up, and when we shut downing, monitor quickly switching off and PC goes to hybrid mode. that’s helps to quick start on next time.  Now days Microsoft trying to promote to out side developer to develop Microsoft apps. to build a Microsoft app Market like Google play.

From my point of view it pretty good developed OS Compare to Earlier versions of Windows

Lets Wait for some time and see how Microsoft Windows Reaching the People.

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