iOS 6 Review What’s good, what’s bad


First of all when looking at the  iOS6 we can feel there lots of minor improvements in the OS. Very special i want to tell you all that about Passbook in iOS 6  its  a central hub functions and it cool, you can check for boarding pass tickets, Store cards like Starbucks cards, Debit card/ Credit card syncing, Movie Tickets like that more.

Weather App- Colour changes from blue-purple  and it look different too, in this app all minor changes only done.

Massages – Task Bar is in Different colour now it in blue.

Music Player- Brand new music player and the normal button colours changed.

Mail- New Refreshing Option added you want  to swipe up or down in the mail app it’s refreshing.

Voice Command – This awesome feature in iOS 6 most of them love this feature even with i pad it supported very well.

Map – New Map upgraded and 3D Rendering mode active, lots of tracking and maping company contributed. this support very well with I pad also.

I Pad Clock – there is stop watch and with clock app major cities clocks are available.

all these new features wont shows like awesome but we can give 7 out of 10, most of the small colour shades changed why they can look in to new themes, from fisrt phone to now its same there is not much changes with the interface and theme for some people makes that boring feel. the main thing is killing battery power unusually that’s bad with all the functions battery power killing means it big failure. any way Apple team is working harder for the issue. so we can see a solution for this issue soon as possible.

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