The World’s 3D Printed Gun – The Liberator


Picture Source: Forbes

Very First 3D Printed Guns good invention, this piece called The Liberator.  Don’t think this a just plastic toy gun. It’s an actual gun. That fires standard handgun bullets. It’s the first entirely 3D printed gun, previous 3D printed weapons have just been specific parts. this is the future weapon technology. Its Good News for Military People but i don’t this it good for normal civilians. An one can print a gun and kill or rob form any where. No Checking needed no Serial for this guns looks like toy gun.

Lets see what top Blogs saying about this Guns:

The 3D printed gun, called ‘The Liberator’, was made by Cody Wilson, the 25-year-old University of Texas law student who was the star of Motherboard’s documentary Click. Print. Gun. Wilson has built the prototype weapon above and plans to release the CAD files for the gun next week to the public. Basically, anyone will then be able to print the weapon with no background checks or serial numbers.

by- gizmodo

Forbes says that the Liberator is made from sixteen different pieces and uses interchangeable barrels for different calibers. All those pieces are made from ABS plastic and formed from a Stratasys Dimension SST printer. The gun also uses a nail to act as its firing pin and Wilson added a six ounce piece of steel to the gun so it can be recognized by metal detectors. Kind! But of course, people who print this gun themselves won’t be required to do that. Plastic guns aren’t just toys anymore.

By Forbes