Amazon Fresh New grocery-delivery service


Today Amazon Launched new delivery service in Los Angels, San Fransico, Seattle Area. This Delivery system name calls Amazon Fresh. AmazonFresh costs $299/year and promises fresh produce, meats, dairy and more delivered on the same or next day. Prime membership is automatically included. When amazon starting Book business no one think they going to become a multitasking company. But now Amazon is one of most trusted web sites to buy online. This Fresh system supports the groceries in the street but other side people paying for thins facilities. One they stabilized with these three places they might increase the delivery area limit.amazon_fresh_top 0914_amazonfresh_630x420 logo-amazonfresh-splashlanding

The Drone-Delivery Revolution


Amazon and UPS Planing to deliver the Goods with Drones, Actually what is Drone. That’s something like automatic small planes. Earlier days for military purposes they used the drones, now day by day technology Developed corporate sectors plans to make use for commercial purpose. At First Amazon and UPS Planing and stared with research with this Drones.

Combat Drones.



If companies plan to Delivery good with this system might be more awesome, people will get their goods after their order in hours time later. That might very faster but one thing what happen all the courier and online companies starts to use these devices I sky also traffic situation can happen. Or if any one Hacks its or mistakenly reaching wrong destinations.  Amazon and UPS might testing with this sort of thing. Amazon Plans to Release this facility by 2015.


This kind of idea suits for fast food deliveries, Even for traffic controls, for all other thing amazons and ups this research going to be the first steps.

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