Water Electronic Charger -Powertrekk

It was first introduced last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but a much-improved, updated version was just shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Maybe this is your first time hearing about it, so here are a few things to know about this fascinating technology.

Special ingredient, sodium silicate, to produce hydrogen gas, Hydrogen gas converting to Electricity. The concept is very nice and effective. But the issue is Powerpukk Cartridge is cast about 12 pcs – €72.00 EUR. Price is a bit higher for the Asian market.


It’s good for Europe Market because its free delivery, in case in Asia any one  buying this means we want to pay for the postal charges. If they establish the stores all over the world more use for the users, But if they making with the charger for solar power much better.

Generating Electricity From Water

PowerTrekk-how-it-works PowerTrekk-how-it-works-1 PowerTrekk-how-it-works-2 PowerTrekk-how-it-works-3