New Apple OS X – Apple Special Event.




Time to Upgrade to OS X Mavericks for free. This time apple considered about three things , Technologies, Features and apps. Mavericks can increase our memory, HDD, and higher performance with GPU. Another Special thing with OS X We get more battery life. If we use the web with our mavericks upgraded Mac Book or other devices we get an hour-long battery life and watching movie 1.5 hours long battery life. Memory power usually mac Books got 4GB Ram once we upgraded to Mavericks we can do work for 6GB Ram Card, this OS Organizing the Ram Card load too. We can do more works without getting slow. Apple Considered with Video Memory too, in the Mountain Lion OS, Video Memory Take up to 500MB, But with OS X Mavericks Takes 29Mb Only Mean while it can compress video memory quality for 1GB. Mavericks got more new features also Shared Linux, Notification, Tag, Multiple Display. Now with Safari we can share new links in social media.  Now Notification Pops out with which app we using, Then we can reply also. iBook App is Simply Amazing easy to edit and work with Projects and easy to tag too.  With Notification we can check out new mail and social media updates and other. While we read in a mail we can update the appointment in out apple calendar and  we get the map update and weather update on the appointment time, And it shows the preview appointment also Apple map shows how long it takes to travel to one appointment to another. We get the directions to our appointments. The last several years Apple worked with this project for engineering development.,  People Who using Mountain Lion OS, Lion OS, Or Snow Leopard OS they can have this update for free and one click update.

Normally Windows 8 Pro goes for $199 but when it comes to Mac OSX it totally free. Day by day Apple moving one step FWD compare to their competitors, and inventing new Technologies too. Stay tuned with us for Mac Book First Look with HiPanda Tech.

Future Jobs How it going to be?

Economist Andrew McAfee suggests that, yes, probably, droids will take our jobs — or at least the kinds of jobs we know now. In this far-seeing talk, he thinks through what future jobs might look like, and how to educate coming generations to hold them.


Our Future car going to drive by them self. Google Started and working with that project, so in future we need we less car and truck driver specially now days heavy  vehicle   earning lot but with this invention with the they might lose their jobs,  Next about call center agents this is the  Major Business in Asian country like India, Sri Lanka with their huge man power they give Europe and US Company Call center facilities. But now Automated call function available in most of the places try to convert their call centre platform to that  path because it very easy to them and very cost effective, Same like that Automated Carrying Self lifts also now available so for now days they need very less warehouse works. So in Future we going to get more and more Technology and very fewer jobs.


But we can’t  tell it bad in one point the production level going to very high and the price level going to down, Volume and Quantity going to explode.  This what most of them expecting but if this thing happens, unemployed level going to increase.  In future we going to face the Economic Heavy in Technology and less in labors, that’s pretty bad. So to make a better solutions like Teaching the Future Generations How to survive in their future. And special we should explain to the younger Generation How fast technology growing, these and in future. But for the current worker it bit hard to change with their jobs after the technology improvement.

Source : TED