Lenovo takes over Motorola From Google


Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo has agreed to a deal with Google to acquire Smartphone maker Motorola Mobility, it has now been confirmed.Lenovo has decided to buy Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion and step up its efforts at becoming a Smartphone vendor with a truly global reach. Moto X Full Made in USA, But still no idea about why google sold the company, But all this time google might research the patterns and now they are selling the company.  “Vast majority of the Motorola patent portfolio,” believed to total around 10,000 patents. Meanwhile, Recently brought Robotic company still no news about that Robotic Company.

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Wild Cat New Robotic Machine

This is Wild Cat newly invented by Boston Dynamics. This machine can run up to 16km. what’s the benefit of this machine. Can use this machine to transport goods in the battle field, can use for defence uses. One special this can move on rough roads. Now this Machine makes lots of noise but in the future they wanted to reduce the noise of these machines and US Marines also joined with this project.  there are some more invention by Boston Dynamics Company, check those videos also.