World Water Day Please Save water #worldwaterday

Water we all need water to live. But at the same time  all of us  wasting water so much a day, check the below infographic  how much we using per day and to produce food, drink and to having bath how much water we spending. Even for out daily use electricity need more water.

ImageInfographic : Printrest

Prev image show to Produce some foods and milk , beer now lets see another infographic for how where does out water come from?


To Living Water Help’s us alot check the next pic


if we are saving power that means we are saving more water, Middle east countries getting water from sea in case. Huge paper companies cutting  trees for paper productions and farmer going to face the water problem. while saving water we should plan trees in our gardens, schools, and other public areas. best thing we should educated our younger generation from schools so it helps to save more water and trees.