Super Bowl Ads 2014 – Youtube ad Blitz


Now time for another season with Super Bowl Ads 2014. Now Days Major Companies spending more and more for the Super Bowl ads, and these ads goes only for seconds not even minutes. But Reaching to the massive range of views YouTube is not for super bowl, keeping Channels to publish and share. Lets see top five 2013’s Super Bowl ads.

Now 2014 Super bowls launched and people can vote for it, this time Coke and Budweiser Ads are looking cool.  Lots of Companies in to Super Bowl Battle all this promotion Happens in between small brake gap.

You can see all the Super bowl ads and vote for your favorite ads.  We can vote more than one vote.

Facebook got over 1 Million Advertisers


Facebook Official Launched that they got over 1 million active advertisers with them, most of them are in the group comes under small business group. we see most of the ads publishing in the Facebook nowadays, Facebook also making researches and fine tuning the ads section more and more because facebook ad is the backbone of the whole system.

Now Twitter also started to work with big ad companies don’t know how it gonna work. but they also moving with these ad system, in future we can see good competition between these 2 companies. but for now fb running in the first place in social media ads.   But all these day Google plus being patience and waiting don’t know what there is next move, and new Google plus layout also cool and for them its easy to boost their and with double-click and Adsense easier they might have better plans  that’s why waiting for the movement we can tell fb running fwd in the race.


15 Sec Auto play ad on Facebook

Is that any good idea? who know this marketing way gonna boost the Market. 🙂 but we should wait and see how is gonna work because earlier  days we all sticking with old Facebook layout at once they changed then most of them commented that’s not gonna work. but now it developed up to graph search now people talks about the privacy, like that first bad comments and than once people got used that’s the best. But i want say that Facebook’s  15 Video ad good be but after some time we all going to used to that. but my opinion is better Facebook Ad team considering the volume controls and the sound because some sound gonna make user boring. And then how is gonna supports with smartphones if the ads is running with smart phones anyone using the net with out WiFi we looking the ad or now for loading the data going to use with the service provider.  Once Facebook team launched only we can tell how it gonna be. 🙂


According to Ad Age‘s unnamed sources, Facebook is preparing to launch a somewhat invasive ad program this summer through its news feed. Alongside the left and right spaces outside of the news feed, the company is reportedly planning four 15-second autoplay video ads that’ll target women over 30, women under 30, men over 30, and men under 30 (so, uh, expect lots of super general advertisers we’d guess — toilet paper and Coca-Cola, for example). While potentially invasive, the ads are also potentially extremely lucrative; Facebook is apparently seeking near $1 million per day, per advertiser. That’s a cool $4 million (roughly) per day, with the potential risk of pushing away the billions of people enabling such an incredibly high ad rate.

Facebook’s had a strange history with advertising, occasionally amending rulesthat angered the social network’s users (such as targeting marketing based on browsing history). The California-based internet company also outright paused its mobile ad network program last December, citing internal prioritization of other products. As you might’ve guessed, Facebook reps declined to comment on this report, so it’s probably best to reserve your outrage until there’s some solid confirmation.

Source : Mashable