Facebook New Messenger – Updated



New Facebook Messenger Looks nice, The messenger is a fast, free and reliable way to stay in touch. It’s just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan). (Mentioned in iTunes Page)


Get to your messages without opening Facebook.
Chat with groups and make plans on the go.
Bring messages to life with stickers.
Send photos privately.
Keep the conversation going: with chat heads, you can chat while using other apps.
Text your phone contacts, even if you’re not Facebook friends.
Share your location so people know when you’re nearby.
Record voice messages.
Make free calls, even to friends in other countries.
know when people have seen your messages.
See who’s available on Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.
Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break.

These are the special features in the Facebook Messenger, most of the exited with this and its allowed to share the images,  And now Facebook worked with very creative Sticker so we can share our expressions with our loved once. Without a word explaining about something now possible with Facebook Messenger. Now Facebook Messenger in a good standard to Compete with IOS, Android, and Windows Messengers. Especially now days we are sending less SMS’s instead of that we started to use free messengers.  But to Facebook is not too hard to promote their messenger because according to the 2013 FB Report FB got 1.15 billion so now it more, Facebook can move the game is bit easy.





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The Next Web Launched Top 22 Chatting App


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Blackberry for best company to sell it


Blackberry is now looking for good company to sell blackberry. That’s bad news fit blackberry. I don’t know how user v’ll manage with this issue. For now blackberry completely gone out of the game. For now BB got a buyout offer for $ 4.7 billion by Fairfax. But blackberry looking for some better companies like Google, Cisco, LG, Samsung, Intel. Some of them are interested in blackberry servers and patents. But for now only Fairfax made a bid for BB. Google not sure to take over take company because recently brought Motorola. So there’s us less possibilities from Google.

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Blackberry Messenger to Android and iOS


Blackberry Most Business people’s phone, that’s what most of them know about Blackberry. But now the news is Blackberry Looking getting with android and IOS market, that means they wanted to Android and IOS user also should use their messenger. So with BBM  we can sync our mail and notification. Still there is no news about Windows phones. Still Having doubt about the BBM how it gonna work, normally without BB Service we can’t access the BBM. If they are promoting the BB service to other Phone OS Platforms also they gonna do something better. In Case they doing like that there is some good free app are there like viber and whats app gonna boost as usual. For Now to Promote and can use with normal GPRS and 3G is better.

Form ICS and higher will support with BBM for Android and IOS 6 and Higher will support with iPhones. If them can capture more place without losing customer better but if they losing more people moving from BB to Android or IOS Devices that’s Bad to Blackberry.