Blackberry Losing the Grip


Last Friday Blackberry Fall down about 27%, Wall Street pummel BlackBerry stock. Shares of the Canadian smartphone continue to get slammed in pre-market trading. It’s down 4.3% to $10.0, Now it’s bit hard to survive with the Smartphone market, But Once Launching Z10 with Blackberry 10 OS the Share level gone bit up. The company says it shipped 6.8 million smartphones during the first quarter, 40% of which were BB10 devices. That equals about 2.7 million devices. Blackberry Couldn’t Make it on their First Standard. If they keep losing the market share pretty bad. But in our country (LKA) trying to promote harder with service providers, In Country like Indonesia Blackberry Market level is High.  But the second market is very low, Somehow Blackberry Services makes some people uncomfortable without BB Service no internet. Blackberry Want to do some changes with their eco system that might helps to improve themselves.

BlackBerry 10 Closer Look (Review) (BlackBerry Z10)

Hi all today we gonna check out about BlackBerry10 an BlackBerry Z10 Mobile.



First Lets see whats best features in Blackberry 10.

  • BlackBerry Hub – this is cool and my favorite feature in BB10 we can have update about out Facebook, Mails, Twitter, BBM messages, Text Messages.
  • Active Frame – we can keep 8 app in once screen what ever we want can switch to that app sooner and easier
  • Keyboard – touch keypad this time they done a superb job it s automatically supporting the word we don’t need to type once we drag we can have the word in the txt message area
  • Switch on and switch off with bb 10- if we want wan can keep the phone to receive all the mails  and then later we can make it like auto off  for professional mode we can you only the ordinary mobile.

These are the best feature i seen with blackberry 10. now take a look about the features videos to better idea about it.

Key Board Review

ok now let see about Blackbery 10 Smartphone Z10

Recent days lots of leaked videos about this device but now take look about this real view.

They have Black and white colours , this looks cool

now we gonna check about the specs

blackberry-z10 (1)

4G supported, Display 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.2 inches, Internal memory 16gb, 3gb ram and we can upgrade the memory up to 32gb, Primary Camera 8Mp, Secondary Camera 2Mp, Dual core 1.5Ghz Processor, Html 5 Supported.

This is the basic features of BlackBery Z10.

Let’s see how BlackBerry market going to boost or going down with android and I OS. 🙂