Facebook Graph Search Public on Second Week of July

7-8-2013 9-59-05 AM

From today onward Facebook starting Roll out the Graph Search Lots of them expecting this for we long time, even in my blog comments i received msg people asking when we going to have the new Facebook Graph Search, Now time for that today onward FB starting to provide by coming weeks (Complete Roll out will take some time). The company told ABC News that “several hundreds of millions of people” will get access to Graph Search this week, after six months of user testing.

Graph Search available to users in the United States and others who use the American English version of the site, with access to other languages coming soon, a Facebook representative told CNET.

Examples of searches Facebook gave during its launch event included “friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter” and “photos of my friends taken at National Park,” but Graph Search’s beta users have discovered much more humorous (and arguably useful) ways to take advantage of the tool. Tumblr Actual Facebook Graph Searches gives many examples of these queries, including “married people who like prostitutes” and “employers of people who like racism.”

Graph Search is a very important tool for FB, Tech Blog say that it s very easy to make advertising and easy to marketing.  But after this graph search going to become less privacy. Once it launched we have check and make some privacy changes,  some tech blog published with the help of  Facebook Graph Search Hacker got Huge nos of Phone number. So better we check the privacy system and making some restrictions and keeping to keep our self’s  in safe side,