Piratesbay celebrating 10th anniversary


Happy birthday to our favorite Torre torrents site. It’s a huge milestone running this site after major issues. What ever the legal issues comes they faced still server in on. With 10th anniversary Piratesbay launching new web browser which compatible with Piratesbay. 

The browser will apparently let pirates get past any ISP blocks of the site using proxy configurations, and includes a Tor client for supposedly anonymous downloading.

The site was first founded on August 9th 2003 and was powered by four Linux servers. The site’s four creators were found guilty of facilitating illegal downloading of copyrighted materials by a Swedish court in 2009. They were sentenced to a year in prison and fined 30 million SEK (£2.9m), but had the sentenced reduced and the damages increased on appeal in November 2010.

The site is still widely accessed, despite multiple governments instructing ISPs to block the domain. The founders have indicated they will be throwing a party in Stockholm tomorrow to celebrate staying online for ten years.