Facebook New layout (Goodbye Clutter Hello bright, beautiful stories.)

Goodbye Clutter

Hello bright, beautiful stories.


this what we getting once we visited https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Got new Graph Search , highlighted image, left side new panel, new  news feed even mobile fb changing. basically when we looking at the center area seem like Google + layout then there left side panel seems like Ubuntu desktop applications online friends it showing in the right and famous tech blog mentions that fb mentioned that  with the mobile fb most of them cant see the chat panel. but with the new design they expect to make users to engage with fb.


New Facebook layout giving more prominence to images so it make more interest about your friends news and what they share. it gives new feel to look at the UI.

this is how it show one of your friend got friendly with another person


Each and every friends topics what there are sharing spot lighted

this is how we gonna see the videos what our friends shares

3-25-2013 10-14-09 AM

News and pages which we liked

3-25-2013 10-17-48 AM

3-25-2013 10-20-56 AM

3-25-2013 10-21-11 AM

3-25-2013 10-21-23 AM

3-25-2013 10-21-33 AM

Phone, pad, pc where ever you browse you getting the same theme

3-25-2013 10-23-48 AM

3-25-2013 10-23-59 AM

if you link you can give  a try  https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

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