Facebook Messenger Update with Video Chat and Selfie Chat

Now Time to update the Fb Messenger.  Facebook recently brought the whatsapp, meanwhile they are upgrading the Facebook messenger also, this time Facebook brings the video chat like we can record small video with our Smartphone camera and share with our buddies, with that we can share the images also very quickly.  Facebook team mentions that the biggest change is instant selfie like snap chat but out personal opinion FB messenger is much better than snapchat.  Once we tap the Camera symbol in FB Messenger, We can easily can take selfie  and then once or two taps we can share our selfies with our buddies. Same like then we can record out own videos and share it.  Chat stickers also improved with this update.  Facebook Launched this Upadate with Android and iOS app in the same time. facebook-messenger-5.0-a

facebook-messenger-5.0-b facebook-messenger-5.0-c facebook-messenger-5.0-d facebook-messenger-5.0-e

Facebook Turns 10

Facebook’s 10 Birthday (4th Feb 2014), That’s the long term journey. On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 4, 2004, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg launched a website he called The Facebook. It was designed to help people share information about themselves with their friends — at first, just people who happened to attend Harvard University. The idea proved quite popular, and the rest is history.

On Feb 03 2014, Facebook informed that they are going to launch Facebook Paper. Facebook Now launching the special Look back video and we can share in our each and everyone’s wall.  Earlier Facebook call thefacebook, then later on changed to Facebook. 201.6 Billion users, 1.23 active users. 250 Million Small business pages to promote their page, from the stone age  now Facebook is a major online marketing tool, who ever looking to promote their business at very first creating the Facebook page to reach quickly and accurately to customers, After October 2005 Facebook launch mobile application, that side Facebook boosts the online active users. Day by the Facebook User rate and the development growing faster. Meanwhile, we heard some rumors that the Facebook team looking forward to launch FB Smartphone, but late Facebook Home launched.

2004 (Original) Profile.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge


Facebook Upgrade Timline.


Facebook is broken


Facebook is broken, can’t access via web and mobile but for me. Mobile is ok. But most of the popular tech geeks mentioned in Twitter that facebook is broken can’t like a pic and post bday wishes. Now days st if them sending their bday wishes via fb only. So that’s makes bad idea andiut fb. So now in this gap Google can hit bit better users. Recently Google makes good fast updates as well. In future if fb facing this sort of issues that’s the key point to Google plus to hit the users. Even ios user facing these kind of issues. In normal pc’s can’t login even.

Huffpost blog team teach the fb for the update still no replies from fb.

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Bring Net Access to Every one with internet.org – Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announced the launch of Internet.org, an initiative to bring internet access to everyone on the planet.

When we are comparing with the Global Population very less net users connected with the internet. (2.7 billion people have internet access) The founding members of Internet.org are Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung. Their goals? Efficient use of data, making internet access affordable, and helping businesses create new business models and services which will drive internet access.

With the internet we feel the World like a small Village connected everywhere, but most of the developing countries still don’t have proper internet connectivity. So this Organization’s trying to bring the internet connectivity the each and every one to connect to the internet and developing the connectivity facilities. Some potential projects of Internet.org include development of lower-cost, higher-quality Smartphones that could help deploy internet access in underserved areas, data compression tools and data caching systems as well as localization of mobile devices.

Zuckerberg also published a mission statement accompanying this launch, addressing some of the issues that Internet.org will have to face. Perhaps the most important of them is profitability — or lack thereof…

The actual website — Internet.org — currently provides an overview of the project and its goals as well as a full list of partners. In the coming weeks, it should also provide news on Internet.org’s activities as well as interviews with technology leaders and experts.

Source-Mashable / internet.org / facebook

Facebook Graph Search Public on Second Week of July

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From today onward Facebook starting Roll out the Graph Search Lots of them expecting this for we long time, even in my blog comments i received msg people asking when we going to have the new Facebook Graph Search, Now time for that today onward FB starting to provide by coming weeks (Complete Roll out will take some time). The company told ABC News that “several hundreds of millions of people” will get access to Graph Search this week, after six months of user testing.

Graph Search available to users in the United States and others who use the American English version of the site, with access to other languages coming soon, a Facebook representative told CNET.

Examples of searches Facebook gave during its launch event included “friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter” and “photos of my friends taken at National Park,” but Graph Search’s beta users have discovered much more humorous (and arguably useful) ways to take advantage of the tool. Tumblr Actual Facebook Graph Searches gives many examples of these queries, including “married people who like prostitutes” and “employers of people who like racism.”

Graph Search is a very important tool for FB, Tech Blog say that it s very easy to make advertising and easy to marketing.  But after this graph search going to become less privacy. Once it launched we have check and make some privacy changes,  some tech blog published with the help of  Facebook Graph Search Hacker got Huge nos of Phone number. So better we check the privacy system and making some restrictions and keeping to keep our self’s  in safe side,

Facebook got over 1 Million Advertisers


Facebook Official Launched that they got over 1 million active advertisers with them, most of them are in the group comes under small business group. we see most of the ads publishing in the Facebook nowadays, Facebook also making researches and fine tuning the ads section more and more because facebook ad is the backbone of the whole system.

Now Twitter also started to work with big ad companies don’t know how it gonna work. but they also moving with these ad system, in future we can see good competition between these 2 companies. but for now fb running in the first place in social media ads.   But all these day Google plus being patience and waiting don’t know what there is next move, and new Google plus layout also cool and for them its easy to boost their and with double-click and Adsense easier they might have better plans  that’s why waiting for the movement we can tell fb running fwd in the race.


Facebook Phone HTC First

Hello Friends sorry for the late post about the facebook phone new , all this day i m gathering some information regarding this device finally time to write about this device.


Once we turn on the Phone we can access ok Facebook Cover theme. Can scroll the screen for check out the timeline and it s keep scrolling in the 5 or 8 sec time gap. Facebook trying to keep Engage with with them. just to double tap the screen to like the pic and at the mean time we get the commenting icons to comment on friends pic and see the other comments. Notification function  it shows the android updates and gmail updates fb notifications etc. facebook team build this app in top of android so intrena l use same android. OS Jelly Bean. but for the moment we have no idea about battery usage and other performance for now we got he spec of this device.

Updates about HTC First (Facebook Phone) in other blogger



The First is a very stylish, well-built phone, once again proving that HTC has a penchant for design.

The Chat Heads feature can best be described as the roommate who quietly knocks on the door and then cracks it open to see if you’re busy. Chat Heads try hard not to distract you so that you can continue to multitask, but they want to subtly alert you that someone has sent you a message.

I can see the placement of the micro-USB port becoming a bit of an issue in situations where the phone is charging and it needs to be laid horizontally or placed in a car holster for navigation. It’s also awkward trying to type with both hands when the phone is plugged in.

The screen size wasn’t much of an issue except when reading e-books and text-heavy webpages. Fortunately, there is an option in the Settings menu to make the font bigger, which actually helped significantly.

In performance tests, the First had results similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III. It appears that Home doesn’t use up that much battery life either, despite its ingrained status within the Android operating system. Overall, the handset was fast and speedy. It didn’t feel like a mid-range handset.

HTC Sideview


Because of its small size, the First is a pleasure to hold. It nestles comfortably in one hand in a way that few popular Android phones do these days.

Text is perfectly readable at nearly 90 degrees.

The screen is very difficult to see in bright sunlight. The First’s camera feels like a throwback to an earlier age when smartphones were nigh-useless in the dark.

Video on the First is equally forgettable, amplifying hand-shake and displaying the jelly movement effect so common on low-end cameras.

The HTC First is running stock Android 4.1.2, almost completely unpolluted with apps from AT&T or HTC.

If you’re a Facebook devotee, or just want a cheap phone that runs well, by all means check out the First (but test the camera before you leave the store). If you absolutely want a smaller-sized Android phone with LTE, the First is probably the best option out there right now.

Overall score of 7.9 out of 10


I found Facebook Home to be easy to use, elegantly designed and addictive. Although I’m a regular Facebook user, I found that, with Home, I paid more attention than ever to my news feed,

The idea is that during spare moments—say, while waiting in a line—you’ll get immediately hooked by Facebook.

Facebook Home blocks the one-step camera icon some Android phone makers place on their lock screen to allow you to take pictures without first unlocking the phone.

With Home, Facebook is essentially staging a land grab of Android. Because it’s so dominant, it makes it less likely that a user with limited time will launch Google products that compete with Facebook, such as Google’s own social network, Google+, or rival services from other companies, such as Twitter.


Since the First was built to impress the Facebook-savvy, we shouldn’t be surprised that this is one of the most playful-looking handsets HTC has ever made.

We also need to point out the lack of an LED notification light, which seems like a huge oversight given Facebook Home’s heavy emphasis on alerts and other notifications.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to add widgets or folders.

By far, our greatest concern with Home is the impact that it could potentially have on data usage, since it dynamically updates Facebook’s news feed in the background. Fortunately, Facebook includes a three-tier data usage and image quality setting (high, medium and low). The toggle becomes handy for smaller data plans or if you’re getting close to your limit, but oddly a WiFi-only option isn’t available. In our testing, we consumed 93MB in four days on the medium setting; at that pace, Home would snatch up 698MB in a month. Think about it this way: if you have a 2GB plan, Facebook Home would take up more than one-quarter of your data allotment, on the medium plan alone. Now imagine how much the high-usage scenario destroys the average consumer’s data plans. Use Home responsibly, folks.

Widget lovers will quickly become frustrated by their inability to access their favorite ones without jumping into the stock launcher each time

Fortunately, the 2,000 mAh Lithium-polymer cell was enough to keep us going for 14 hours of solid use, with Home running on medium usage the entire time.

All of our cellular connections have been consistently good and the volume was more than sufficient.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, and surprisingly polished for a 1.0 product.

In its current state, Home isn’t the best fit for productivity-minded people, although it does offer a bit of mindless entertainment for anyone just looking to burn a minute or two throughout the day

To put it bluntly, Home won’t convert non-Facebookers into believers, and it won’t encourage people to sign up for the service; it will be a failure in that sense. It may, however, turn casual users into more habitual Likers, commenters and posters, and we have a feeling this is exactly the kind of success Facebook is hoping to reap.




Facebook has made Android faster by removing a lot of crud that typically ships with Android on carrier-branded phones.

For a service that is supposed to bring us updates in real time, this isn’t close enough. You can actually feel the slow speed (and infrequency of updates) of the feed when you compare it with the desktop feed which moves at a faster pace.

The phone has a soft-touch rubber design which is easy to grip and it is something I appreciate because my phone keeps dropping from my hand.


On the app launcher: If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. In removing the app-launching function from the Home screen, Facebook has wound up having to reinvent the way you open programs on your phone, and the result feels like a hack.

Chat Heads are fun and effective, but Facebook’s engineers appear to have overlooked one small detail: Chat Heads are useful only when you receive a message. How are you supposed to initiate a conversation? For that, you have to duck into your app-launcher screen and fire up the Facebook or Facebook Messaging app.

What does Home add, really? Yes, the ability to see incoming posts on your Home screen; you save one tap. But is it worth losing widgets, wallpaper, app folders and the Android status bar in the process?


It’s really good. I like the HTC First with Facebook Home (the official name, I think) more than the Nexus 4, but less than the iPhone 5.

[On Cover Feed] It’s surprisingly addictive…because you can swipe to scroll through these images/statuses all without unlocking the phone.

I think Facebook has really nailed the interaction element on the home screen. I actually wish I could use Instagram and other visual feeds this way as well

On top of that are the beautiful, elegant notifications that Facebook has created. Simply put: I like them more than both Android and iOS notifications. They feature big, clear app icons (or a person’s face if it’s a Facebook notification) and a snippet of the message you’re receiving.

I’ll be curious to see Facebook Home running on other hardware like the Galaxy SIV, but I think the fact that you won’t be able to get third-party notifications would be a deal-breaker for me.

[On password entry]: This is where things start to get a little weird…sometimes you’ll be asked to enter your password from the app list, sometimes before it.

Even weirder is that you can actually do a few types of Facebook actions — both liking and commenting — without entering any password. In fact, there’s no way to password protect these actions, as far as I can tell. Someone could definitely take your phone and leave comments galore on your friends pictures, no questions asked.

Chat Heads. Awful name not withstanding, this is absolutely how messaging should be done on a smartphone. Rather than making you open a separate app to get and respond to messages, Chat Heads put a user’s face…on top of whatever you’re doing on your phone.

[On design flourishes] These touches, while seemingly trivial, give me the same type of feeling I get when using iOS. You can tell that a lot of time and care has been put into the user experience here and it shows, in spades.

Still, it’s hard to believe this is only Facebook’s first take at Home. This is a very polished and impressive first entry into the space

Facebook New layout (Goodbye Clutter Hello bright, beautiful stories.)

Goodbye Clutter

Hello bright, beautiful stories.


this what we getting once we visited https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Got new Graph Search , highlighted image, left side new panel, new  news feed even mobile fb changing. basically when we looking at the center area seem like Google + layout then there left side panel seems like Ubuntu desktop applications online friends it showing in the right and famous tech blog mentions that fb mentioned that  with the mobile fb most of them cant see the chat panel. but with the new design they expect to make users to engage with fb.


New Facebook layout giving more prominence to images so it make more interest about your friends news and what they share. it gives new feel to look at the UI.

this is how it show one of your friend got friendly with another person


Each and every friends topics what there are sharing spot lighted

this is how we gonna see the videos what our friends shares

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News and pages which we liked

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3-25-2013 10-21-11 AM

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3-25-2013 10-21-33 AM

Phone, pad, pc where ever you browse you getting the same theme

3-25-2013 10-23-48 AM

3-25-2013 10-23-59 AM

if you link you can give  a try  https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Join the waiting list to get the new homepage for the web. Look for it on your iPhone, iPad and Android soon!