Facebook Home Big flop


8 Months ago Facebook launched their Facebook Home and a week later again Facebook mentioned increasing download amount but later the Facebook home downloads nos reduced. And Now it’s a failure product. Facebook Tried very hard to create a better market for Facebook Home. HTC First supported the new Facebook Home with their Smartphone. But still people are not much interested to go for it, now HTC Reduced the price of the HTC First. Still Less users with Facebook Home.

And now Facebook Connect with Instagram, Flickr, Print Rest and Thumblr.  Check out the below Ad Clip. Whenever we are installing new App we can config which images to show on the home screen later even we can pick one of those.  When Facebook App gets flop down, they added to Flickr, Printrest, Thumb and Instagram.  Its Available

Facebook Home App Reached 500K Downloads


Finally it’s Good News about Facebook New Home for the phones, within five days after launching they reached 500k Downloads on Google play. Its available for HTC One X And X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II.  Now Facebook is in talks with Apple to create a version of its Facebook Home Android software for the iPhone, an executive of the social network has claimed. Apple users has to wait for some time for this update. After this update i feel most of the Facebook user engage  with facebook, so what’s FB’s Expectation there are easily reached, when they started to make the new home FB said that they trying to keep their users engage  most of the time  so they reached that goal.

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