Blackberry Messenger to Android and iOS


Blackberry Most Business people’s phone, that’s what most of them know about Blackberry. But now the news is Blackberry Looking getting with android and IOS market, that means they wanted to Android and IOS user also should use their messenger. So with BBM  we can sync our mail and notification. Still there is no news about Windows phones. Still Having doubt about the BBM how it gonna work, normally without BB Service we can’t access the BBM. If they are promoting the BB service to other Phone OS Platforms also they gonna do something better. In Case they doing like that there is some good free app are there like viber and whats app gonna boost as usual. For Now to Promote and can use with normal GPRS and 3G is better.

Form ICS and higher will support with BBM for Android and IOS 6 and Higher will support with iPhones. If them can capture more place without losing customer better but if they losing more people moving from BB to Android or IOS Devices that’s Bad to Blackberry.