Instagram Direct The New Update


What’s New with Instagram, its Instagram Direct that’s the new sharing system with Instagram. Instagram Allows you to share your own creative images and video with your Favorite selected group or friend. And they can comment on it, like it, Only thing we have to do just update our android and iOS instragram app.  15 Nos maximum we can add with instagram Direct. One special thing we can send this Instagram Direct message who ever using instagram, Even not in your followers list but they should accept you direct messages. All ready we all got something like this what app name call SnapChat. But when popular App Take a modified version of that app seems new idea.

Source: SoldierKnowsBest, Instagram Blog, the verge

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Facebook Home Big flop


8 Months ago Facebook launched their Facebook Home and a week later again Facebook mentioned increasing download amount but later the Facebook home downloads nos reduced. And Now it’s a failure product. Facebook Tried very hard to create a better market for Facebook Home. HTC First supported the new Facebook Home with their Smartphone. But still people are not much interested to go for it, now HTC Reduced the price of the HTC First. Still Less users with Facebook Home.

And now Facebook Connect with Instagram, Flickr, Print Rest and Thumblr.  Check out the below Ad Clip. Whenever we are installing new App we can config which images to show on the home screen later even we can pick one of those.  When Facebook App gets flop down, they added to Flickr, Printrest, Thumb and Instagram.  Its Available

Facebook coming with #HASHTAGS



Facebook Inc, the world’s No 1 social network, has announced that it will adopt hashtags, one of the most recognisable features of its younger rival Twitter, in a move to position its web service as an important complement to television, sporting events and breaking news.

By Coming Wednesday Facebook starting to Roll Out the #hashtag feature then onward we can join specific group comment and conversations. This Hashtags more  popular with twitter and Google+ and now time to FB also. I think the hashtags brought up by twitter on 2009 time period. Now all of the social media people are adding this feature with them. it they can connect all the hashtags features together  much better EG: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Hashtags all together conversations . but i don’t this its possible for this time.  in future we can expect this feature with them.


Nokia Asha 501 with new Asha platform (Dual Sim)


New Nokia 501 with fresh Asha OS 1.0,  the launching function  held in india. Specially This Device good for low-end Smartphone users, Introducing with sparkling colours. The Basic Mobile Layout seems like Nokia Lumia Series.  Carrying with new Mobile OS Asha 1.0 this pretty interesting new for all minor level mobile user. Price Range also somewhere near $99.00 only without taxes. In Nokia 501 Easy to switch to other sims so it’s very cool device for Dual Sim users.


Nokia 501 got 3.15 Mp Camera (2048×1536) Resolution, with photo editing software like Instagram.  New Mp3 and MP4 Player to play good music wherever you go. Voice Memo Feature and Organizer,  all this feature for very less price.  Battery life is pretty good in this phone 17 Hours talk time and 56 Hour music play time. Internal Memory with 128mb with 64mb Ram with 4GB Memory card coming along with this device. But only one disadvantage this phone don’t have 3G function with it.



TourWrist ‘Photo Sphere’ for Android and Nexus Devices

Hello there , today we gonna see very interesting and new feature in Nexus and android mobile phones , Google’s Photo Sphere.  We can take cool Panoramic shoots with it , not like ios  it s bit cool   then other   apps Eg:  Instagram, Microsoft’s Photosynth, continuous-scan panorama mode on iOS. lets take a look about feature of it. lets see which app gonna capture the mobile market. 🙂


Click Here for new panoramic

You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Are you familiar with Microsoft’s Photosynth and Google’s Photo Sphere on Nexus phones and tablets? How about Apple’s brilliant continuous-scan panorama mode on iOS devices? Well mash all this up and you get TourWrist, an app / social network for sharing photo spheres. The app started life as a social network for virtual tourism and gained one million users since launching in 2010. Here in Las Vegas, the company just launched the latest version of TourWrist with a focus on capturing photos spheres. Unlike Microsoft’s and Google’s approach, which stitches 360-degree images from discrete pictures, the app uses continuous-scan like Apple’s panorama mode. The resulting photo spheres are truly impressive and look significantly better than the competition, especially when captured in tricky lighting conditions. All 360-degree images can be shared with other TourWrist users, Instagram-style, and with other social networks by linking to an HTML5-compatible viewer. Take a look at our gallery below and peek after the break for our hands-on video and sample photo sphere captured on site.