Pay to YouTube for to Some Video Channels


Youtube is Looking Fwd to Create 50 channels for pay and views function. Popular Tech blogs mentioning that $1.99 is the minimum payment (each channel). The move, which has been in development for months, aims to help channels finance a wider range of content such as television shows and films, and will serve as another source of revenue, according to the Financial Times.

In response to the report, a YouTube spokesperson told Mashable, “We have nothing to announce at this time, but we’re looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our creators with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer.”

We Have to wait and see what are the new 50 Channels gonna come to pay and view system. Youtube stop the subscription amount with $1.99 per month of  more than that youtube will loose big numbers of viewers. Once youtube launched this channels what will happen with netflix? Netflix is the major  tv shows and movies pay and view web site is USA and other developed countries. Netflix wanna find out a better way to capture the audience otherwise it’s gonna be very hard to move on future.