IPhone for Low Cost (IPhone 5S)


Apple now trying to low range mobile user by Manufacturing cheapest iphones. But limited Nos of IPhone they looking  launch iphone 5s with 4 inch  display and an Apple A6 processor, and it will be manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron. Todays mobiles manufactures trying to take over the whole mobile market to there sides. all mobile phone manufactures making very high end phones and very low budget type smartphone. All the people are  getting confusing which one to get. I don’t think Apple company is not much happy with IPhone 5 Sales, so they trying to boost more sales with iPhone 5S. This iPhone 5s Concept completely they looking to make the phone with plastic, with is change they can reduce the price of the phone. Check the below articles what other blogs telling about this topic.

Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone will reportedly launch later this year alongside the new iPhone 5S, and it may be in short supply when it does. According to unnamed supply chain sources speaking with Digitmes, Apple is prepping a new plastic iPhone model that will target emerging markets. The handset will seemingly feature a 4-inch display and an Apple A6 processor, and it will be manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron.

According to the report, the handset will be in short supply at launch, with quarterly shipments totaling just 2.5 million to 3 million units as Apple tests the market’s response. This wouldn’t be the first new Apple device that launched in short supply, though Digitimes logic seems curious at best; previous supply shortages have been the result of high demand and manufacturing difficulties.

Source : Digitimes, BGR