IPhone 5s updates

Apple planning to release the new iPhone 5s by Sep 10.  Meanwhile apple planing to release thr next version of mac os x


Rumours spreading about iPhone that new cheapest iPhone can be release on same version. And that phone seams like iPhone 5 bit sporty look and platic case. On special feature in 5s got 2 led lights. Still we don’t Havre any updates how it gonna work.  Apple planing to target this tines for mid range smartphone users, once it released only we can give you the update about the performance.

What’s New with iOS7


Most of us looking for iOS7 Screenshot and features, from one of  my coworker gave a link about iOS7 Screenshot so i like to share with you all.


In some points i feel it bit like childish, and other point this better to go for the new theme for logo all mac users are waiting  for the new theme most of them like this and some are afraid of update it to the new Because of 6.0 OS Errors.  for now we couldn’t find and issues with this update date, stay tune with us for more updates about iOS 7 and other tech news.

Source .redmondpie

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