New iPhone 5s images leacked


Hi all this is the newly leacked image of iPhone 5s. And its comes in three colours, black, gold and silver. This time no white colour phone. Now days samsung doing so much white colour that might be the reason for broping white colour casings. But we have to wait to confirm what are the colour apple planing to release.

IPhone 5s updates

Apple planning to release the new iPhone 5s by Sep 10.  Meanwhile apple planing to release thr next version of mac os x


Rumours spreading about iPhone that new cheapest iPhone can be release on same version. And that phone seams like iPhone 5 bit sporty look and platic case. On special feature in 5s got 2 led lights. Still we don’t Havre any updates how it gonna work.  Apple planing to target this tines for mid range smartphone users, once it released only we can give you the update about the performance.

What’s New with iOS7


Most of us looking for iOS7 Screenshot and features, from one of  my coworker gave a link about iOS7 Screenshot so i like to share with you all.


In some points i feel it bit like childish, and other point this better to go for the new theme for logo all mac users are waiting  for the new theme most of them like this and some are afraid of update it to the new Because of 6.0 OS Errors.  for now we couldn’t find and issues with this update date, stay tune with us for more updates about iOS 7 and other tech news.

Source .redmondpie

App-Store Banner-and-dialer Calculator Calendar Camera Compass Folders home-screen  lock-screen-notification Mail Maps Messages Multitasking Music-app Notes Notification-Center Sharing-pane Siri Tweet-sheet

iOS 7 with Cool Fearures WWDC2013

screen-shot-2013-04-29-at-1-09-48-pm ios-7-logo

Apple and iOS7 in trending in most popular social media sites, Lets see whats the new features with iOS7. This time apple Developer team tried completely new layout, New look. Seem nice. In WWDC 2013 Mac Made Multitasking, Control Center, Notifications Center, iTunes Radio, Air Drop upgraded to new versions.

Other little tidbits coming across the Web include a live clock icon which reflects the current time, a revamped Spotlight that can be accessed by tugging down on the home screen, and Flickr and Vimeo integration. It’s unclear exactly how those last two will work, especially with Apple putting a premium on its own iCloud services, but users will presumably be able to share through those platforms seamlessly.


iOS Do Not Disturb feature you can schedule to block calls and messages from all numbers except certain favorites or groups.

Getting woken up or interrupted by unwanted communication can feel like a deep invasion of privacy, and make people scared or angry every time their phone buzzes. It lets people fight back against drunk dials from old boyfriends or girlfriends, creepy strangers, and disrespectful marketers breaking their workflow.

With any luck, Apple will evolve the feature with more granularity over time. Putting communication devices in our pockets that anyone can reach with the right string of digits forced us to surrender control of our attention. Call and text blocking for iOS will put that control back in the hands of millions of people.

Source: Techcrunch and Technobuffalo

Apple WWDC 2013 ~ Apple’s Big Day


We all are mostly exited with Google’s I/O 2013, Now time for Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). I seen in so many tech blog says that iOS 7 and iRadio Launching on that day? most of them expecting this. We can’t see much new thing after Steve job. Because if that Now Google Boosting their self day by day.  Lets wait and what going to happen in Apple WWDC,  We have less than 48 hour to go for it. Stay tune with us for the Quick updates.

New Yahoo Weather App for iOS

Yesterday Yahoo Launched a new App Weather for iOS, Visually they made Creatively. Even there App Introducing Video done very creatively.


Can see lots of nice images for the Weather App this app images taken from Flickr so it keep changing according to the climate. So Photographers Photo can share with this Application. But this App Available only for iOS ,  I know that after looking at this post most of the Android users looking for this app, But there is no Early information about Android updates. This App designed for Horizontal and vertical formats so both side you can have both views. Yahoo promoting this app for first time so it might be the important app for Yahoo. Now days it very useful app for the Mac Users, Android and windows users have to wait till they release.

Note: We can see whos shared background picture in Flickr


yahoo-weather-app-190413 yahoo-weather-app-is-beautiful yahoo-weather-ios-fair

iOS 6 Review What’s good, what’s bad


First of all when looking at the  iOS6 we can feel there lots of minor improvements in the OS. Very special i want to tell you all that about Passbook in iOS 6  its  a central hub functions and it cool, you can check for boarding pass tickets, Store cards like Starbucks cards, Debit card/ Credit card syncing, Movie Tickets like that more.

Weather App- Colour changes from blue-purple  and it look different too, in this app all minor changes only done.

Massages – Task Bar is in Different colour now it in blue.

Music Player- Brand new music player and the normal button colours changed.

Mail- New Refreshing Option added you want  to swipe up or down in the mail app it’s refreshing.

Voice Command – This awesome feature in iOS 6 most of them love this feature even with i pad it supported very well.

Map – New Map upgraded and 3D Rendering mode active, lots of tracking and maping company contributed. this support very well with I pad also.

I Pad Clock – there is stop watch and with clock app major cities clocks are available.

all these new features wont shows like awesome but we can give 7 out of 10, most of the small colour shades changed why they can look in to new themes, from fisrt phone to now its same there is not much changes with the interface and theme for some people makes that boring feel. the main thing is killing battery power unusually that’s bad with all the functions battery power killing means it big failure. any way Apple team is working harder for the issue. so we can see a solution for this issue soon as possible.