Galaxy S III Explodes in the 18 Old Girl’s Pant


Galaxy S III Explodes in the 18 Old Girl’s Pant, Recently we didn’t hear any mobile phone explode in the girls pocket , and she’s heavily injured.


The explosion took place at the girl’s place of employment and Samsung Switzerland said that it is investigating and will probably send the phone back to Korea for a an examination.


On July 7th On of Tech Blog mentions in UK also One Samsung Galaxy S3 got exploded, Keep Exploding not a good NEWS for SAMSUNG Better they are looking for a better solution and people who are Injured need  a proper answer for the Injuries.

Last Symbian OS Phone from Nokia 808


Now time to say Goodbye to Symbian OS, the last phone which Nokia Planning to release Pureview 808. After this summer we won’t able to get any Symbian OS phones in the market.  Nokia Wanted to Completely stop shipping.  Nokia Might plan to promote Windows mobile to Advance range phone and for lower range phone they got their new asha OS .  We are not sure how much far they can push these OS. But now days Nokia wanted to move fwd.  lets wait for some time and see how it gonna work. from some of popular phone sites blogged that Nokia planing to stop Shipping Symbian OS from this summer. I m personally Not recommending Symbian OS phone because after publishing we won’t get any update or trouble shots and Apps too. for now We might get all the existing apps advanced and new updates might stop by up coming days. So better to switching to iPhone or Android Phones or else if you wanted to switch with Nokia Better go with windows OS.