TourWrist ‘Photo Sphere’ for Android and Nexus Devices

Hello there , today we gonna see very interesting and new feature in Nexus and android mobile phones , Google’s Photo Sphere.  We can take cool Panoramic shoots with it , not like ios  it s bit cool   then other   apps Eg:  Instagram, Microsoft’s Photosynth, continuous-scan panorama mode on iOS. lets take a look about feature of it. lets see which app gonna capture the mobile market. 🙂


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You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Are you familiar with Microsoft’s Photosynth and Google’s Photo Sphere on Nexus phones and tablets? How about Apple’s brilliant continuous-scan panorama mode on iOS devices? Well mash all this up and you get TourWrist, an app / social network for sharing photo spheres. The app started life as a social network for virtual tourism and gained one million users since launching in 2010. Here in Las Vegas, the company just launched the latest version of TourWrist with a focus on capturing photos spheres. Unlike Microsoft’s and Google’s approach, which stitches 360-degree images from discrete pictures, the app uses continuous-scan like Apple’s panorama mode. The resulting photo spheres are truly impressive and look significantly better than the competition, especially when captured in tricky lighting conditions. All 360-degree images can be shared with other TourWrist users, Instagram-style, and with other social networks by linking to an HTML5-compatible viewer. Take a look at our gallery below and peek after the break for our hands-on video and sample photo sphere captured on site.