How make use of Dead batteries

Thailand Vitamilk Company brought up with new mobile charging system, you might understand about it once you check with the YouTube video. It’s all about making use with already used batteries. Vitamilk company mentioning that the battery which we putting it away after the use each and every battery got balance minimum power with it so this time Vitamilk Co, planing to charge the mobile devices with that power. that’s the awesome idea and the battery placing machine looks more looking nice so most of the who passing that why they gonna stop for a sec and checking about it. after taking using these batteries for the changing machine they can give it to battery producing companies so they can reproduce it. It  s very effective and more usefully idea.

Recharge your Batteries with USB Cable

This Technology invented somewhere around 2011, but we got to know recently only so we like to share this news with our Hi Panda Tech Fans. This is an ordinary rechargeable battery  special feature is we don’t need the recharging unit for this, just connect USB cable to Phones, Laps, PCs, Etc. Inventor made people need very easy and fast. But only one issue to tell about this charging  they demonstrating each battery getting separate cables, it much better to have one USB port can with three or more charging pins, that saves time too. Other than that this an awesome product.

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