iPhone 5c Leaked informations


We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the new i Phones that Apple has in the works right now. The general consensus is that the new iPhone 5S will be announced on September 10th.

A few more photos of the iPhone 5C have appeared, in pink and green, and each time we have leaked snaps of the device, the color hues look different, which might be due to the handsets being various prototypes bandied about. Granted, the versions are still glossy, like the high-res photos we saw not long ago, but the green one looks more pastel this time – who knows, these might be actual color options in the end, would you like candy or pastel?

Now I phone 5C Looks like a toy phone, once it released only we can tell the how it  reaching the ,market , so now we got these images from phone area and some chines web pages, Until the phone release we can’t confirm any of the feature about this smartphone,




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